Singapore Listed Reit/Property-Related Stocks

It looks like Singapore listed Reit/property-related stocks are of good investment value right now. Most of them are value stocks! Just look at the P/B ratios, they’re all well below 1! That means that it’s cheaper to buy these property stocks than the actual property themselves! This presents us with a buying opportunity.  I expect the prices to mean revert back to at least the book value. Nevertheless, it should be noted that sometimes, value stocks remain depressed in price for an extended period of time. Patience is a virtue in investing.

While I do not advocate investing too much in property-related stocks, a little tilt in this direction should be pretty harmless. Let’s see how this sector goes in the next 5 years.

Stock Price P/E P/B
CapitaCommercial Trust 1.22 7.77 0.76
Hongkong Land Holdings Ltd 5.50 2.42 0.52
K-REIT Asia 0.94 5.10 0.73
Overseas Union Enterprise Ltd 2.44 7.10 0.76
Singapore Land Ltd 5.91 7.34 0.55
Suntec Real Estate Investment Trust 1.235 4.63 0.62
UOL Group Ltd 4.72 5.51 0.72
Wheelock Properties Singapore Ltd 1.80 7.38 0.74

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