What Has Worked In Investing By Tweedy Browne

What Has Worked In Investing

This is a free pamphlet by the fund management company Tweedy Browne which is renowned for selling products related to value investing.  The pamphlet has been floating around the net for many years.  It’s about the virtue and historical victorious success of value investing.

Contained in the document are many charts and tables about using simple fundamental matrices in investing.  Value investing has historically been more successful than market investing by a few hundred basis points per year over the long term past.  This is considerable if you compound it over many years over your investing career.  While value investing has been historically successful, the future of it is unknown.  However, it’s a good bet that its future will be spectacular as well.  As such, it’s imperative that all serious investors look into this strategy considering how much it’ll impact your financial well-being.

The pamphlet is well-written, simple and a pleasure to read.  It’s full of actionable items in the real world.  Based on the information in the PDF, we can invest in value oriented ETFs and funds.  For those with a large portfolio, it’s also possible to invest in a diversified portfolio of individual stocks.

Personally, I’ve read the article several times in my investing life.  I highly recommend my blog readers to download and read this document.

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