World Net Worth Ranking

I’ve created a global net worth ranking system.  It calculates the percentile net worth among the worldwide adult population.

The data points are derived from the Credit Suisse Global Wealth 2016 report.  Basically, the cut-off data points for the top 0.7%, 1.0%, 8.2%, 10.0%, 26.7%, 50% are culled off from the report to generate the actual percentile.  The intermediate points, except those in the top 0.7%, are all derived via linear interpolations.  The calculation assumes that all have a non-negative net worth so some values below the median might be out of tune.  Anyway, the median net worth is a miserly 2,222 USD, so if you live in the developed world, you probably have more than that.

For those who are technically savvy, this script is written entirely in Javascript.  As such, no net worth info is transmitted via the Internet.  All the processing is done locally on your machine.

To use it, just enter your net worth in USD and click the submit button.  A percentile figure will be shown below the text box.  If the figure is 10%, you’re at the richest 10% of the world adult population.

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