Free IQ Test (Culture Fair and Highly Accurate)

Your Intelligence Quotient will be measured by this page. You have 20 minutes to finish this test. Press the “I’m done” button if you have it done before the time is up. Or you will be interrupted in 20 minutes with the test results.

53 thoughts on “Free IQ Test (Culture Fair and Highly Accurate)”

  1. Though I enjoyed the IQ test, I felt that it was not particularly challenging. I suppose the added time pressure justifies the easier questions. But thanks anyways. I know this is an old site, but I just wanted you to know that you had a visitor who appreciates the time and energy you put into developing it.

  2. Hi, IQ tests that have questions that are not as challenging are accompanied by correct answers requirements that are more challenging. So in the end, it’s a wash. What’s important is that the resultant IQ score is accurate.

    Thanks for your compliment.

        1. Well, try a level further additional maths questions as opposed to this shape shit, this is not a test of intelligence, it is fallible, farcical

  3. Hi Joel,

    before you discredit this IQ test, maybe you can post your paid test result here. Quote both your results and name of the alternative test.

  4. I scored a 153. My iq according to the mensa practice test was a 129. I have never scored this high on an iq test before. Who knows though maybe I got some of the questions i guessed on right. Plus I have seen several of these problems before so maybe an unfair advantage : )

  5. Based on the limited correlations with other tests such as Mensa, it seems like you need to deduct around 15 to 20 points off this test to obtain a reasonable gauge of your true IQ.

  6. I am twelve years old. Presuming that test was based on the cattle scale,I would get the 188 on that test if it was age adjusted. If it was converted to the Wechsler intelligence scale for children,that would be an age adjusted score of 155 on that scale,which is very high. Is that accurate?

  7. This test is based on SD24. So, if your score is about 148+ based on this one, yours will be 130+ based on SD15, 98th percentile. Anyway, you may also need to covert your score to SD 15.

    For example, if one’s score is about 156 based on this test ,so, it should be (156-100)*15/24+100 = 135 based on SD 15.

    Btw, please also try . I heard that it’s pretty accurate to estimate your IQ score upto 3SD based on SD 15. It also matched my score very close to this test as well.

    Note : The qualification for mensa is about 130+ based on SD 15 or 148+ based on SD 24, 98th %tile.

  8. This test is based on SD 24. So, if someone scores about 156 based on this test, his/her scores should be equivalent to 100+(156-100)*15/24 = 135 based on SD 15, 99th %tile.
    You can also try . It seems pretty accurate based on several
    Europe mensan opinions. It is a culture fair one, no mathematical background required. It should
    give you what your IQ score should be based on SD15.

    Note : IQ score 171 SD24 is equivalent to 145 SD15.
    IQ score 165 SD 24 is equivalent to 141 SD15.

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