Mini Sun Power Saver Review


I visited the IT Show 2013, and there was a booth selling the Mini Sun Power Saver electrical gadget which claims it can “save up to 30%” on my electricity bills.  Bought one and did some researches on the net regarding the claim’s validity.

This gadget seems to be on the market for quite some time and there’re 2 main schools posting about the viability of the product.  The academic view is that this is a scam while some who bought the product claimed either no improvement or a small improvement in savings.

I’ve 11 months of utility bill historical records with me.  I intend to test the product for 11 months and post ongoing results here in this blog to report about the savings.

I’ve 2 conflicting feelings about this tool and whether the claims work or not.  On the one hand, the theoretical arguments from the academic institutions are pretty convincing, on the other hand, it would be pretty surprising if a scam can operate for years in Singapore without being torn down.  So I place my unit on an actual test myself.

My historical utility bills are as follows:

Month kWh
May-12 367
Jun-12 353
Jul-12 531
Aug-12 449
Sep-12 331
Oct-12 396
Nov-12 505
Dec-12 481
Jan-13 273
Feb-13 371
Mar-13 323

The historical average is 398 kWh while the median is 371 kWh.  I will update this post as the results of Mini Sun Power usages come in.

Note that I installed the device on the 10th of March 2013.  As such, the April bill is only partially affected by Mini Sun Power Saver.

Month kWh
Apr-13 365
May-13 542
Jun-13 461
Jul-13 663
Aug-13 571
Sep-13 296
Oct-13 420
Nov-13 424
Dec-13 415
Jan-14 351
Feb-14 389
Mar-14 400

Almost 1 year has passed.  As of 8th of March 2014, I’ve unplugged the device.  I shall now report the statistics for another year without the “energy saving” device.  I’ll refrain from analyzing the situation and let my blog readers be the judge and decide for yourselves.

Month kWh
Apr-14 395
May-14 460
Jun-14 464
Jul-14 698
Aug-14 581