A Tale of 2 Cities

HKnSGgdp1960 HKnSGgdp2012


Look at the above 4 charts which are particularly telling about the rivalry between the twin cities of Hong Kong and Singapore over the period that stretches from 1960 till 2012.

Over this period of time, both have improved economically by leaps and bounds but at different rates relatively speaking.  In 1960, Singapore’s economy was only 49.2% of its bigger Chinese-majority sibling.  However, by 2012, Singapore’s output was larger at 104.3% of its Asian counterpart.

Population wise, Singapore is 53.5% of the more populous Hong Kong.  By 2012, it’s grown to 74.2% of its neighbor.  If we do the math, relatively speaking, Singapore is 1.529 times more prosperous over Hong Kong in 2012 than in 1960.

The growth rates of Singapore over Hong Kong are impressive – wither laissez-faire economy over free-market managed economy?